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New Little Sister Auto Logger
with data cycle manager

With Electronic Logbook and Cycle Manager

cycle logger2
cycle logger ad2

The incovenience of manually performing test cycles and maintaining records is a thing of the past with real-time wireless cycle data transfers and management.

  • Electronic Logbook - alleviates the need for time consuming paper based systems
  • Automatic population of daily and weekly test cycle records - manual record keeping and storage is a thing of the past
  • Enables quick and easy cycle sign-off - at just the click of a button
  • Provides added security - all cycles and tests are accurately recorded, validated and saved for official inspection
  • Offers real-time wireless operation* - capture test and cycle data as it happens, no more manual transfer of memory cards or USB devices to your computer
  • Monitor cycle progress on your PC - wireless option allows you to easily see when your instruments are ready for use

*Real-time wireless option requires access to a compatible wireless network. Charges for connecting to a compatible wireless network may be made if additional time and equipment is required to facilitate a connection. Can be used without real-time functionality if a suitable wireless network is unavailable/cannot be configured.

cycle logger ad2